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Tim Jenkins - LEAD VOCALS

Tim Jenkins is a self taught musician who's performed in the Twin Cities for many years with various Rock Bands. The first group he put together was named Travesty. He moved on to play professionally with the LeeSilverton Uptown Country  Band.  Known best for his portrayal of John Lennon in his Beatles Tribute Band, Tim traveled and toured the USA  and Canada.  Expanding his repertoire over the years, he continues to "Rock the House" with classics and originals.

KT  Duo

Kathy & Tim Jenkins

​"Great Classic Rock, Pop, Blues and R&B Duets!"

Karaoke Concerts 


Need You Now - Lady Antebellum


Shallow - Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga

Say Something - C. Aguilera and Big World

Time of My Life - Dirty Dancing

      ​Kathy Jenkins - LEAD VOCALS
Kathy's excited to be back in her native town of  St. Paul, MN after living in New York City on the East Coast for many years. She's traveled and toured the USA and Europe with the Air Force Band and the Moscow Jazz Orchestra, mentioning only a few of the Big Bands she's sung with.  Besides Kathys' love of Big Band Jazz, she has also pursued her career and training in Musical Theater   by performing in Off Broadway and Regional productions. She privately owned and operated KJPAC,  a Performing Arts Center in PA where she taught  Voice & Drama as well as Produced and Directed Family Musical Theater Classics.  Back in the Twin Cities where it all  began for her, she's teamed up with her brother Tim to create KT DUO.