Mercy Wild Fire

Traditional & Contemporary Christian Music

Tim Jenkins is a self taught musician who's performed in the Twin Cities for many years with various Rock Bands. The first group he put together was named Travesty. He moved on to play professionally with the Lee Silverton UptownCountry  Band.  Known best for his portrayal of John Lennon in his Beatles Tribute Band, Tim traveled and toured the USA  and Canada.  Expanding his repertoire over the years, he continues to "Rock the House" with classics and originals.

PASTOR Lonnie Rogowski


Percussionist, Founder of Mercy Wildfire Band. Former Drummer for groups Obtained Mercy & Steadfast.  Old Rock n Roller gone rouge into Christianity.  Pastored Sunrise Christian  Church for six years and saw first hand the value of annointed worship.  President of Worldwind Ministries a 501c3 entity ministering to those inprisoned by life issues. " Music breaks the yolk of bondage People are set FREE!"

                          Tim Jenkins